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Martin Energy Group

An industry leader in the design and manufacturing of complete power plant packages

MARTIN ENERGY GROUP is an OEM packager for generators in North America. Martin Energy Group has packaged and installed over four hundred gaseous-fueled engines in the United States. These units continue to operate and are supported with parts and authorized service. Martin Energy Group has packaged generator sets using engine brands such as Cummins, Detroit, Dresser-Rand Guascor, Caterpillar, GE Jenbacher, MTU, MAN, and Waukesha.

With Martin Energy Group generator packaging and service facilities in Ephrata, Pennsylvania and Latham, Missouri, we are dedicated to serving our customers in the most efficient way possible.


Martin Energy Group engineers, designs, packages, commissions, and services Combined Heat and Power (CHP) systems to operate on a wide variety of fuel sources. These include bio-gas, natural gas, landfill gas, syngas, and other specialized alternative fuels. Our gaseous-fueled generators are operating and producing power from gas sources including waste streams on farming operations to sewerage gas at wastewater treatment facilities.


Martin Energy Group manufactures to UL and ASME standards with full capabilities for factory testing and verification. We design and package all types of power generating systems – from standby power to continuous, high-demand applications. Within this spectrum, we have manufactured systems for all types of configurations such as microgrid systems, island mode, peak shaving, and other power generation platforms up to 1450 kW. We also manufacture and support systems that are installed to supply emergency power in the event of a power grid failure.


Power can also be harvested from engine heat by producing steam, utilizing absorption cooling, providing high and medium temperature hot water, or generating hot air. Most of these systems are manufactured in-house or by dedicated local sub-shops. All of our packaged systems are designed for years of dependable service life and capable of operating with optimum performance in the toughest of environmental conditions. We can also build a CHP Enclosure for your system. Our customers quickly recognize the benefits of a fully contained, sound-insulated power solution.


Gen-Tec, LLC paralleling switchgear connects the generator to the utility power grid and regulates the sale of power. With a hand-held smart device or a desktop computer, co-generation systems can be monitored and controlled through Gen-Tec, LLC switchgear control software.

Our biogas handling equipment is manufactured by Energy Cube, LLC and includes a wide variety of gas handling solutions such as gas cooling systems, gas flares, gas pressurization equipment, and H2S-reduction packages. We have installed more than thirty fully operational bio-gas scrubbers.


Martin Energy Group Services, LLC offers highly reliable diesel generator packages from 20 kW through 2,000 kW using up-to-date power-generation technology and genset controls. We manufacture diesel generator packages using engine brands such as Cummins, Detroit, Caterpillar, Volvo, and John Deere. Our diesel gensets are certified to meet EPA Tier 4 emissions regulations.

Gas Scrubbing Systems, Gas Conditioning & De-humidification, Gas Blowers & Handling, Gas Flare Systems, Carbon Credit Monitoring Equipment, Continuous Online Gas Analyzer Systems, Waste Heat Recovery Systems for Exhaust Gases, Jacket Water and Oil Cooler Circuits, Steam Generator Systems for Industrial Processes, Absorption Chilling Systems for Cooling.

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