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Generator Controls

At the heart of every Martin Energy Group power generation system is the power plant control package. Our generator controls are designed, engineered, and manufactured "in-house" to give you a control system which delivers superior performance and reliability. Our generator control systems can be used to monitor and control gaseous-fueled engines or diesel engines of any size or type. They can be configured for standby, prime, island, or peakshaving applications.

Generator Control Systems

Generator control systems provide the end user the ability to access, monitor and control the power plant remotely. Our systems provide historical data and trending statistics, giving the customer the power of real-time information, such as power plant outputs and efficiency –right at his fingertips. Using cutting-edge technology, an operator can start or stop generator systems, open and close breakers, and monitor the entire power plant via an internet-enabled device from anywhere in the world. The remote control systems are password protected and have redundant levels of protections to ensure the safety and security of all equipment operations.

As part of providing an integrated "complete systems" package solution for controls and switchgear, Martin Energy Group has developed a unique line-up of a complete power plant controls. Control systems and switchgear are the heart of every power generation system. Our generator control systems and switchgear are custom designed for your requirements and specific needs. They are vigorously tested at our facility prior to shipment. Martin Energy Group will design, engineer, and manufacture the equipment and give you full control of your power plant!

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