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Engine Control Systems


With an engine control system from Martin Energy Group, you receive a complete range of comprehensive engine protections and generator management possibilities. A wide range of I/O modules are available, thus allowing you to control, monitor, and log hundreds of relevant parameters around your power plant. Programmable Logic Control (PLC) functionality is also built into the main controller, enabling complex control processes to fit your needs. By allowing you to control and manage complex power stations quickly and effectively, our engine /generator controls give you the ability to generate affordable energy.

Our engine control systems offer a wide range of customer-friendly equipment such as detachable color displays. Various types of communication interfaces (J1939, Modbus, RTU) are ready to provide support of engine management. The systems are scalable system in terms of peripheral I/O modules, connected to the main unit via CAN bus. Units can be configured for Baseload, Import/Export, TempByPower, Peak Shaving, Island Mode, or voltage and PF control (AVR).

Engine Controls

Our engine controls are complete with protection protocol for engine and generator with start-to-stop functions. The controls handle a wide variety of fields –from single genset units to complex sites with many gensets, incoming mains, and bus ties. For complex sites, engine controls are simply interconnected with CAN-line, minimizing the need for additional wiring. Our easy-to-read, graphical user interface is not only customized to the needs of each individual installation, but also is fully capable of Internet communications for remote control and monitoring from any location around the globe. The screen Editor, the “display with a difference,” allows you to personalize the interface on your full-color display by managing screen type, selecting instruments, and creating backgrounds from a toolbox of graphical elements.

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