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Martin Energy Group designs and builds complete bio-gas equipment systems that can operate on a wide variety of applications.

When biological waste decomposes in an anaerobic environment, methane gas and carbon dioxide are formed. Bio-gas (methane) can be recovered through specially designed digesters or in municipal treatment plants, or through other processes such as coal bed, landfill, and bio-mass. Bio-gas is a renewable and environmentally friendly source of energy. It is also quite useful for heating purposes and generating electricity. However, the biogas must be properly conditioned for these benefits to be realized.

Waste and landfill sites around the world produce bio-gases that affect the environment. From an environmental perspective, bio-gas presents a problem. Methane gas that escapes into the atmosphere without being collected is not only very foul-smelling, but also is a major contributor to the greenhouse effect. Further, without proper handling and conditioning, bio-gas can destroy the equipment it is powering.

Bio-gas usually contains very high levels of hydrogen sulfide (H2S). Most manufactures of engines for bio-gas applications consider 200 parts per million (ppm) to 400 ppm of H2S content to be the threshold for voiding the manufacturer’s warranty coverage.

If left un-scrubbed, bio-gas with high H2S content will greatly accelerate rust corrosion in gas piping and will break down compounds in engine lubricants, resulting in excessive wear on valve seats, heads, cylinder liner walls, and all bushings and bearings. After-coolers consistently become plugged due to high H2S levels in the bio-gas. Besides, the after-product of burned H2S is very harmful to exhaust systems, including turbos, Exhaust Heat Recovery (EHR) units, exhaust piping, radiators, and any surrounding building materials such as steel, tin, or aluminum.

Bio-Gas Handling and Conditioning Equipment

With our competent, solid experience in the bio-gas industry, we can provide you with a complete line of packaged bio-gas handling and conditioning equipment.


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