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Bio-Scrub (by Energy Cube)

Resolve the H2S problem with a biological scrubber!

A biological scrubber operates on the principle of a microbial fixation process. In this process (also known as biological desulfurization), bio-gas is streamed through a vessel containing media on which micro-organisms (such as Thiobacillus) are encouraged to grow. A small amount of air is injected into the vessel, and H2S in the bio-gas is oxidized (via chemical and biological action). The by-products are sulfuric acid and elemental sulfur. Properly designed biological scrubbers are effective in reducing H2S levels in bio-gas for systems with high or variable levels of H2S. A more detailed explanation of this process follows.

The bio-gas enters the reactor vessel at the bottom and passes through the package from the bottom to the top. Air is added at the inlet point of the gas for good mixing reaction prior to the distribution of the media pack. The airflow is controlled by a gas quality meter (analyzer) which measures the residual oxygen concentration in the treated gas.

In the case of no gas, or an extremely low gas flow, the air is switched off by the security flow switch. A nutrient solution is stored in the bottom of the reactor vessel. From there, the solution is cycled through the pack by a pump. The level of the nutrient solution is controlled by the level switches, and the quality of the nutrient solution is controlled by a pH meter. For the best activity of the bacteria, the temperature of the solution is controlled by the heat exchanger and the temperature control. Spent nutrient solution is automatically discharged, while fresh solution is prepared by adding nutrient supply and dilution water.

Biological Scrubbers Engineered for Your Application

Clients proposing to use a biological scrubber can submit project details such as bio-gas flow rates, CH4 and H2S content, and an analysis of gas quality. Based on these statistics, Martin Energy Group and Energy Cube will partner to design a system that is appropriately sized and professionally engineered for your specific application.

The Bio-Scrub scrubber by Energy Cube lowers H2S content to well below acceptable levels, achieving and exceeding warranty standards of OEM engine manufacturers. A well-designed biological scrubber or iron sponge scrubber will significantly reduce maintenance costs, extend oil change intervals, and reduce the need for repeated engine overhauls, adding years and value to the life of your engine and bio-gas equipment!

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