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Power Generation

Martin Energy Group provides complete engineered power package solutions that will serve all your power needs. The design, engineering, manufacturing and performance of our Power Generation Systems are specifically built to meet your needs and specifications.

CHP Systems

Combined Heat and Power (CHP) co-generation systems integrate the production of electric power and usable heat into one process. Combining these two processes means that heat is extracted while electricity is being generated. This significantly reduces waste –up to 95% of the primary energy- and makes it profitable and usable. CHP systems are installed on specific sites, thus supplying customers with heat and power directly at the point of use. This reduces the losses that occur in transmitting electric from large power plants. And utilizing thermal energy on-site increases overall efficiency. CHP systems offer a wide range of power sizes, applications, fuel types, and package options. The heat produced during the natural gas or bio-gas power generation process is recovered and can provide hot process water for heating or steam for industrial processes. Another process of hot water can be used for cooling by absorption chilling. In addition to all of these processes, the exhaust gases with proper treatment can be used for CO2 application in greenhouse systems for plant fertilization.

Power Generation System Design and Packaging

CHP systems provided by Martin Energy Group provide a cost-effective way of saving money and protecting the environment. Let us design, engineer, manufacture, and package your Power Generation System with a complete “Balance of Plant” package.

  • Livestock Industry ( dairy, swine, poultry, feedlots )
  • Hospitals, Medical Facilities, Chemical, & Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Laboratories, Critical Care Centers, Data Centers, & Office Complexes
  • Manufacturing Industries, Airports, Universities, & Colleges
  • Pulp & Paper, Oil & Gas Industry, Landfills, & Waste Management
  • Waste Water Treatment Plants, Municipal Waste Facilities
  • Food Processing Industries, Greenhouses
  • Hotels & Resorts, Water Parks, & Shopping Centers

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