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Dual Fuel Power Generation

Martin Energy Group has designed and engineered power generation systems with outstanding fuel economy and with the highest levels of environmental performance. Our packaged engines have proven to be highly reliable and durable in all types of applications, particularly when used for dual fuel applications such as natural gas and biogas. They are able to consistently generate their rated output even with variable gas supplies from two different fuels. These dual fuel systems simultaneously blend both fuels together –from 0 – 100% of either fuel while the power generator is still performing at the maximum output capacity.

Dual Fuel Systems

Our Lean Burn combustion control system (fitted on all our engines) guarantees the correct air/fuel ratio under all operating conditions in order to minimize exhaust gas emissions while maintaining stable operation. In combination with our AFR ( air/fuel ratio) system, Lean Burn has the capability to balance out fluctuations in calorific fuel values, which occur mostly in bio-gas.

One of the most important aspects of using naturally-occurring gases in an engine is the knock resistance of the gas. Knock resistance is rated according to the methane number. Pure methane has the highest knock resistance of all gases and is given a number of 100. In contrast, butane is rated with a knock resistance of 10, and hydrogen with a knock resistance of 0. Zero, obviously, is at the bottom of the scale and therefore represents the lowest resistance to knocking.

The Lean Burn system can handle gases with extremely low calorific value (low methane number and degree of knock) by mixing in gases with a very high calorific value. Possible gas sources vary from low calorific gas to pyrolysis gas. Pyrolysis gases are produced from decomposition of a substance by heat such as gasification. Examples of these include landfill gas, sewage gas, natural gas, propane, and butane, most of which have a very high calorific value.

Benefits of Dual Fuel Systems

Dual fuel systems are particularly beneficial in any bio-gas application where fuel supply is limited. The bio-gas can be supplemented with natural gas to achieve a maximum output. Martin Energy Group can supply your specialty-fuel-needs project with a completely integrated system, allowing you to maximize the benefits and profits of your power plant!

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