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Natural Gas Power Generation

CHP Power Modules from 35 KW/h up to 4,500 KW/h

Natural Gas Co-generation, Tri-generation, and Quad-generation CHP Systems

Martin Energy Group has an efficient, clean, and reliable solution to generating power and thermal energy from a single source of fuel. By integrating our state-of-the-art CHP system into your facility, you can meet your base loads of electricity and thermal demands efficiently while decreasing energy costs and reducing the emissions of greenhouse gases. The Modular approach allows you to easily integrate the natural gas power generation system into your current infrastructure.

Island Mode Power

Utilizing the local natural gas supply, our gas engine co-generation systems provide a very reliable supply of electrical power. If needed, the natural gas power generation unit can even be isolated from the local grid and used in “Island Mode.” The heat produced from the bio-gas engine can be recovered to heat water or to produce steam. Additionally, the heat can be used in an absorption chiller, providing a source of cold water. In turn, this cold water can be used to support a refrigeration or air conditioning system. Systems providing electricity, heat, and cooling are called tri-generation plants. This can be taken one step further for industrial users that require carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide ( C02 ) can be recovered and cleaned from the engine exhaust to the highest quality standards. Various applications for this carbon dioxide can be found in the food and beverage industry and in greenhouse operations, for the fertilization and promotion of plant growth.


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